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Shutters for Your Custom Window Treatments

Window shutters are a timeless and classic window treatment that can give your home or office an immediate boost in sophistication. Shutters range from hardwood to composite or vinyl.

Hardwood shutters work great in living areas as they display the beauty and natural texture of wood grain in the wood all of which are highlighted by the color you choose for them. You can choose from an endless selection of any color of paint or stain to match your decor seamlessly.

Vinyl shutters are the perfect application for the shore communities.  They come in shades of white, resist the yellowing, warping and peeling and are easy to clean

Faux wood or composite shutters appear exactly the same as hardwood shutters do. The beauty of composite products is that they resist warping, bending, braking and fading for many years to come and you can even use them in humid areas, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. You can also choose any paint or stain color for this type of shutter.

Both types of shutters can be custom-fabricated to fit your windows perfectly, no matter the size and they will also fit specialty-shaped windows as well, such as circles, half moons, bay and bow windows.

Shutters are available in several slat sizes to suit your needs. The smaller slats work better in smaller windows. The larger slats work best in large windows and you can open them to get the largest view of the great outdoors through them without as much obstruction.

All types of shutters can be mounted in different manners and this is what dictates the manner in which they open and shut. Cafe-style shutters only cover about the bottom half of your windows and allow light in on the top portion. Tier on tier shutters consists of two sets of shutters with one covering the top half of the window and the other set covering the bottom half of the window. This is extremely functional as you can open the top or the bottom by themselves or open or close both if you wish. You may also have one set of full window shutters that covers the window from top to bottom and each side swings outward to open them. Shutters are also versatile and very functional as you can open and close the slats to direct or block light as you please independently of opening the shutters themselves.

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